Las bajas
Las altas


I came into this world on July 24th 1964 at 1:35 AM in Capital Federal, Argentine Republic. I wrote my first logbook when I was 14, in 1978, the Years of Lead during the military dictatorship in Argentina.

When I started this work, which kept me busy until 1987, when I left Argentina for a 20-year trip at the age of 23, the logs were sort of an alloy of drawings, ideas, stories of strange dreams and even some inventions.

They also included cut-and-pasted drawings, previously made on other paper mediums. The following logs achieved a little neater dynamic, but the purpose was the same: to portray the enormous amount of visions and ideas that kept coming to my mental screen.
Although I don’t consider myself a good artist, whenever I tried to portray those images, this came a lot easier, to the point I amazed myself with the resulting quality

When I was 15, a candle on my desk caused a fire in my bedroom, I was drunk and high and the smoke and the fire woke me up. Luckily, I was able to soak a towel with water and managed to put out the fire by overlapping. Log N° 1 suffered burns but none of its contents were lost. Then, logs 2, 3 and 4 followed, in which I had a severe burst of imagination, visions and suggestions coming possibly from the thoughtsphere, some of the astral planes and specially the oneiric plane and obviously the influence of master plants from which I was learning at the time (I’m talking about cannabis, mescaline and my great friend and leader, the Mescalito).

The raw instrumental psychedelic music of the early Pink Floyd albums and the ambient music of Philip Glass, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno and Jon Hassell also provided me tons of sensory images, facts and artistic acts of all kinds, sometimes hyperfast and frantic, not always easy to freeze in mental images to be drawn later.
At the same time, I crafted many pastel and charcoal paintings and sculptures in different materials and techniques that I learned from my teacher Fernando Bedoya, who was married with my cousin Mercedes

In April 1987 I left for a trip with a Pan Am ticket. It was supposed to last one year and ended up lasting 20, until my return to Argentina in 2008. Some weeks before I left, I made copies of the 4 logs in case the originals, which I kept in Argentina for 21 years, were lost in my absence.

And thus, in 2021 I finally decided to take action and publish my whole work, both the logs and the drawings and sculptures that survived time. My current aim is to take requests to make the works described in the logs, with the sizes and materials the requester wishes. A customized work.

Alejandro Lawson
Martinez, Province of Buenos Aires.
Friday January 28, 2022